Activities: Kpop Battles

Get Ready to Dance!

Otakon Vegas 2017 is excited to be host to a round of the Kpop Battles: Season Six!

Back for another year at Otakon Vegas, Kpop Battles is a dance-cover event in which we find out who are the biggest Kpop fans as they compete to recreate their favorite Kpop dances from their favorite songs.

Rules & Requirements

  • Participation in the Kpop Battles is open to all ages as well as anyone not local to each Kpop Battles event location.
  • Please keep in mind that signing up does not guarantee you/your group into any Kpop Battles event.
  • You can signup your group of 8 members max including yourself.  Keep in mind there are some locations that "solo" signups are allowed.
  • The ANX Kpop Battles is a "Kpop Dance-Cover" event. Free-styling is allowed to some extent based on modifying the routine to fit time limit restrictions.
  • Kpop Dance-Cover routines have to me a minimum of 2 minutes with a time cap at 3 minutes. If you have to exceed the 3 minute restriction you must inform us by emailing
    From there officials will approve or deny, you may have to show  footage of yourself and or team performing your routine with the modified time if it exceeds 3 minutes.
  • TWO SONG MEDLEYS are approved now! No more will be allowed.
    Please keep in mind you will be notified if multiple signups feature any or both of your picks. You will be able to change your picks to better your odds of being passed on.
    If you have questions about this please email us at for details.
  • Video footage is required when signing up.
    You may submit old, new, practice and or unfinished footage of yourself or team (even if all members are not available in the footage). You can always update the footage by emailing us.
  • It is encourage to signup EARLY as we see more traffic and duplicate picks closer to the deadline dates of each location. 
    This makes material unavailable and or over picked which lowers your chances of being passed on to participate in the live Kpop Battles event.
  • Be prepared with several backups in-case your primary pick(s) are picked by other teams. 
    You will be informed of others prior or after your signup of others selecting the same material. PLEASE try to avoid new Kpop material as best as possible.. these are ALWAYS the first to be selected by 90% of overall signups.
  • Any discrepancies with your signup will be followed by an email from us.  PLEASE check your email often!  
  • Further instructions and rules will be provided to those passed on directly through email.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED!  Some locations listed require their own credentials of sorts to gain access to participate in the event let alone spectate. Please be aware of these factors that some sort of badge/ticket may be required.

How to Sign up!

Click here to register for the Kpop Battles.

Keep up to date with the Kpop Battles on their Facebook Page.