Activities: VIP Social

Todd Haberkon
Erica Mendez
Vic Mignogna
Jason C. Miller
Sandy Fox
Lex Lang

Discounted Rates expired Sunday, December 17, 2015!

Thank you!

Your support of Otakon Vegas means a lot to us, so we wanted to give some of you the VIP treatment! To show our appreciation to those of you who book in our hotel room block, we want to invite you to a private reception!

Join us on Saturday afternoon (exact time TBA). Light refreshments will be served and you will get an opportunity to hang out with all of our Guests of Honor in an informal setting! Space is limited, please see below for more information.

Please note there will be no autographs or photos at the social.

And most importantly, thank you for your support of Otakon Vegas!

How Do I Attend?

To join us for this event, you must be an attendee of Otakon Vegas and a registered guest of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino under the "Otakon" room block (code SMOTA6) with at least a 2 night stay.


Starting Friday at 10AM, the first 100 eligible hotel guests can stop by the Information Desk to receive a pass for the VIP Social. Only those whose name is on guest list (provided to us by the hotel on January 15th) are eligible, so make sure everyone in your group is listed with the hotel.

Other Questions?

Where is the reception located?
The reception will be located on-site. We'll give you the exact location when you pick up your pass.

How long is it expected to last?
About an hour.

Can I bring a friend?
If they're listed as a guest saying in your hotel room. The hotel will provide us a list of everyone registered to rooms inside our room block.

Can I get one of the Guest of Honor to sign my amazing thing?
The guests will all have scheduled autograph sessions where they will do signings. This is an opportunity for you to interact with them in a more casual setting than provided during a panel or autograph session.