We are saddened to report that Watsuki-sensei has had to cancel his appearance at Otakon Vegas. Changes to his production schedule have required him to forgo his planned time off, and he is no longer able to attend. This is extremely disappointing to everyone (not least Mr Watsuki himself), but guest appearances are always subject to professional commitments, and there is a lot of activity happening on the Kenshin front.

However his wife and novelist, Kurosaki-san, will still be attending Otakon Vegas. In addition, their good friend, a writer and manga creator, has agreed to attend the inaugural Otakon Vegas 2014.

Watsuki-sensei asked that we relay this message, which includes his personal introduction to our new guest:

"Due to a new Rurouni Kenshin project that just came in, my work schedule now forbids me from attending Otakon Vegas. I am terribly sorry...please accept my sincere apologies.

In lieu of my attendance, I would like to introduce a wonderful new guest for Otakon Vegas:

His name is Mr. Riichiro Inagaki, the writer of the popular SHONEN JUMP manga Eyeshield 21. Inagaki-sensei was in charge of writing the story and storyboards (nemu) for the American football manga.

His attendance at Otakon Vegas provides a unique and special chance to know the secrets of how to build a strong backbone for a fun and exciting manga. I would suggest to those who are curious to listen carefully to what he has to say. He can definitely offer you some insights into what makes manga so interesting."

While we are sorry that Mr Watsuki cannot make it, we are delighted to welcome Mr. Inagaki, and very appreciative of the assistance in bringing us a new guest.